Unique handcrafted objects, design and fused in recycled glass.
Creative recycling of glass bottles and collected glass.

You will find various objects to surprise whoever you want with something different or unique.

lallavemagica.cl is the name of my recycled glass craft workshop that was born here in the Valparaíso region, in Chile, with the desire to contribute to the environment, and consequently to society, through the recycling of glass bottles , transforming them into non-disposable objects of value and / or utility for people.

Decorative and / or utility objects for the home, office, kitchen, events, gastronomic services and corporate gifts.

In my artisan work, I obsessively make one by one, 100% by hand, new pieces of glass crafts from glass bottles and recycled glass, using art, design, glass fusing and some other techniques.

My purpose is to create pieces of glass art that positively impact our environment. Pieces of glass art that bring beauty and good energy to spaces and people, but fundamentally help to reduce waste and reduce the consumption of new raw materials.

I also develop special projects with indelible graphics applied in the oven. It can be a unique piece, or a limited edition. Our recycled glass pieces such as custom bottle glasses and custom bottle lamps are perfect for a truly special gift. You may need a gift for an anniversary, memorial, or marriage gift. These pieces of glass art include personalized creative work for each client, with individual results.

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