Gallery of works: glass bottles and recycled glass


All bottles are different. In fact, each one is a world. There are too many variations.

Not even two seemingly identical bottles really are. For example, the type, thickness, shape, are factors that make each bottle is assigned a different purpose.

From the idea of the project, the cutting, the applications, the fusing, the assembly, to the final piece.

One by one, the bottles that I will use in each project were chosen. For this, I carefully study what each one offers through tests and trials to finally arrive at the expected result, or a better one.

In the workshop I create and manufacture my own molds that, through tests, are refined, looking for better and better results.

For everything that can be devised, preconceived, prepared or projected, it is fire that does its final magic, often delivering surprising results.

Galeria de trabajos

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Cordially, Coca Diez.