I love transforming ordinary glass bottles into new and useful objects that bring beauty and good energy to spaces and people.

I am moved by the desire to give new life to devalued, deteriorated, or disused objects, through recycling and upcycling. I am passionate about the reuse and / or recovery of materials, discovering a new beauty in them.

“Upcycling” as a concept

The concept of “Upcycling” was born as a term in Germany in the ’90s.

It describes the creative process in which an unused or discarded object is transformed into a new product, of equal or greater utility or better value.

It is a process that reduces the consumption of raw materials as the basis of a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity.

Unlike recycling, materials are not transformed or degraded to be used again, but the same raw material is used in an improved way, innovating, applying new ways of using it and / or changing its original functions.

Upcycling helps reduce waste, reduce the use of virgin materials and extend the life of what already exists. Over the years it has become part of the environmentally responsible culture.

Upcycling with glass bottles

A particular obsession with bottles has led me to find GLASS as a raw material.
In this search I started recycling glass bottles and upcycling.

In 2013 I created my studio, where I use different arts and techniques to create unique or limited production, decorative or utilitarian objects.

To transform the glass bottles I use totally artisanal processes such as fusing, one of the most magical arts used to transform and create through glass.

I work in my studio / workshop in the elaboration of decorative and / or utilitarian pieces, unique or of limited production, creating objects that bring beauty and good energy to spaces and people.

I also love welding, so all the iron bases that I use in lamps, coat racks, room dividers and chandeliers are of my own design and manufacture. This way I have complete freedom to develop ideas.

To bring what I do to people, I have created this website that aims to publicize and make my work available to everyone. If you want to know more, ask me something or order something specific, just contact me here!

Lámparas de botellas ©

You can visit the pages on Facebook o Instagram. If you like my work give it a like, you will find out first about the news and updates of the workshop. If you like it a lot, share it! Any help to spread is welcome.

Cordially, Coca Diez.