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III International Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs Puno 2020

Vivali and - Puno 2020

In early February I received an invitation from DreamBuilder Chile to apply to participate in the III International Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs, to be conducted on March 9 and 10, 2020 in the city of Puno, Peru.

After a few days, they called me to let me know she had been selected.

Thanks to the support of the U.S. Embassy Santiago we traveled with the director of DreamBuilder,Emily Amman, 5 Chileans representing our country:

I feel tremendously grateful and fortunate to have participated in this wonderful experience. Meet, share and learn with so many women who have a dream, for themselves, their families and/or their communities.

Super powerful women who thanks to programs like DreamBuilder acquire knowledge that open doors to a world where you can achieve what you propose if you believe in yourself.

If you think you can, then YOU CAN!!!

Infinite thanks for the invitation, hospitality, affection, sorority and concern of the entire team that made this learning experience possible.

Finally, I hope to see them again, and give DreamBuilder Chile this incredible opportunity by putting into practice what we have learned.

A good leader is always learning something; it is to serve those he leads, not to use them and brings learning to their territory.

A good leader has a positive impact on your community.

Excellent talk!! @creadora_de_cambios

Thanks Dreambuilder!